Tiny Mobile Crushes 1 million Download Mark

Very pleased to say that we eclipsed the million download mark back in January! I’ve been busy so I haven’t had a chance to update the blog, my bads. Heck we’re actually already at 1.4 million for those of you playing at home 😉
Anyway, very happy here and very exciting to say the least. We’re also about to launch our 14th title ‘Ace Slot Casino,’ which in case you couldn’t tell from the title is a slot machine game. We think it could be our top app within a few months but you never know about these things. Fingers crossed, I’ll keep you updated as things progress. We’re hoping to be approved and available by next week (late Feb 2012).
Our top 3 apps right now are Ace Coin Bulldozer, American Scratchers and Ace FreakyFace. All 3 are charting well in their respective categories and we’re continually improving and adding fun stuff to keep them interesting. If you haven’t already, download and check one or all of them out now, of course they’re free so nothing to worry about there.
Thanks again for your help on achieving this milestone!