Ace FreakyFace

Ace FreakyFace is the latest entertainment app from San Francisco app publishers Tiny Mobile.  Ace FreakyFace features the newest iOS 5 face detection and tracking technology to create hilarious halloween masks and photos. Users can watch and interact (in real-time) as their face is turned into any number of hilarious masks, the possibilities are endless, as well as hilarious!

Ace FreakyFace Halloween Mask & Costume Photo Booth - Tiny Mobile Inc.

Ace FreakyFace automatically overlays funny eyes and mouths on top yours, or your friend’s faces in realtime, using your iPhones camera. The app does all the alignment through iOS 5’s cutting edge face detection technology, it’s as easy as point, shoot and LAUGH! You can change a feature by simply tapping on it, and you can snap a picture at the touch of a button.


We’ve packed in a ton of eyes and mouths for you to play around with. Upgrade to utilize all 250+ facial features in the app!


Other awesome features include:
     •Using your camera’s live feed, Ace FreakyFace automatically overlays hilarious facial features on top of any face! –No need to manually place anything, we do it for you!!!
     •”Randomize Face” button – Gives you 3 random features, selected from all available sets, it never gets old!!!
     •Adjustment sliders – Want to give your friend huge cartoon eyes? Or make it look more realistic with smaller eyes? You can adjust the size of the 2 eyes and the mouth independently for hilarious effects.
     •The pictures you take are saved to your photo album automatically!
     •Use Front & Rear Cameras!
     •Fully iPad 2 compatible!
     •Button to hide the User Interface so you can see more of the hilarity!
*Note: there is a bug where if you buy ad removal or a pack that contains ad removal your ads are only removed temporarily. We apologize for this issue it was definitely not our intention to do this. We’ve submitted an update with apple that will fix the problem, and expect it to be approved within a few days. Once updated you should no longer see any ads if you’ve already upgraded. Once again sorry for the inconvenience and hope the update fixes any issues. –Nick

Ace FreakyFace Halloween Mask & Costume Photo Booth - Tiny Mobile Inc.

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