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Note: We are aware of some weirdness with iOS 5, we’re working on an update and should have a fix within a week or so. Thanks for your patience. (we’re also getting the business/foursquare thing fixed as well)
Cash tracking and management has never been quicker or easier. If you’re looking for a way to keep track of your cash transactions, you’ve come to the right place. Our latest update of Cash Power is the first and only location-aware cash tracker on the App Store! Every time you log a new transaction, Cash Power queries your location to find out where you are, and includes the global coordinate with the rest of your entered data (network connection or gps required). So if you’re ever unsure of where a transaction you logged took place, simply click the “Map it!” button on the transaction detail screen to find out where you logged it (network connection required).
Cash Power - Tiny Mobile Inc.

  • Our Ultra-cool Cash denomination input system allows Blazingly fast cash logging, plus a standard iphone keypad.
  • New! First ever location-aware cash tracker. Cash Power logs your location “auto-magically” when you enter a new transaction (network connection required).
  • New! Cash Power now allows you to tag nearby businesses when you log your transaction. Pick the store you’re buying from in the business list and Cash Power will include the store’s name along with everything else recorded in your transaction. Now you have even more data about where and what you’re spending money on (network connection required).
  • New! See where you were when you logged a transaction on a map with our “Map it!” button without ever the Cash Power app (network connection required).
  • New! Export your transaction log data through email as a CSV spreadsheet. View or edit the document in Microsoft Excel, G-docs or any other Spreadsheet application.
  • New! You asked for it, you got it: two different ways to view a list of your tranactions, either as individual transactions, or grouped and totaled by category.
  • New! “Grand Total” section in the Transaction log screen keeps a running total of every transaction in your log and lets you see how much you’ve spent.
  • Custom categories (create new categories that fit your specific lifestyle and spending habits, delete the ones that don’t).
  • New! Rearrange your category order so you can move the most frequently used categories to the top.
  • Add a text description to each transaction in addition to the selected category.
  • Cash Power “auto-magically” keeps track of the date and time of every transaction you log.

We’ve optimized Cash Power’s interface to make logging your cash transactions short and sweet (log most transactions in 10-15 seconds!).
Use our cash denomination buttons to rapidly input any transaction amount, or you can tap in the amount directly using the standard iphone keyboard, whatever works best for you.
Tap in a description of your purchase and categorize each expense. Add and reorder your own custom categories to tailor Cash Power to your spending habits.
Cash Power “auto-magically” keeps track of the geographic location (network connection or gps required) and the time and date of every transaction you enter.
You can view multiple transactions at a glance or get detailed information on a specific transaction by drilling down into the ‘Transaction detail’ screen, additionally with our latest update you can even map your transactions, to see where you were when you logged it. Plus we added our most requested feature to date: A Category total list view, where you can see the total amount you’ve spent in each of your used categories.
Our “Grand total” section in Cash Power’s transactions log screen keeps a running total of how much you’ve spent across every category.
Export your transactions into a spreadsheet and email it to yourself. For use Microsoft Excel, G-docs or any other spreadsheet application.

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